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  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym


  • Boxing can seem quite easy for people who have no experience in fighting sports. It is true, that boxing has few techniques, but it takes many years to learn how to execute them precisely.
  • The beauty of this sport lies in explosive punches, graceful movement and the mastery of reflexes. Punches below the waistline are prohibited.
  • Thai boxing and many other fight sports are based on punching and defensive techniques which come from boxing.
  • Thai boxing combinations often start with a punch, because its power and accuracy are important for the efficiency of the kick which follows.
  • This is the reason we decided to teach boxing in our sports club.

  • The first fist-fight pictures come from 3000 to 2000 BC; then modern boxing began in England in the 18th century.
  • Boxing is currently very popular and some professional boxers are the highest-paid world sportsmen.
  • Amateur boxing is an Olympic Games sport.
  • The times, days and the number of private training lessons depends on mutual agreement. These are usually held in the morning or afternoon for one hour and fifteen minutes.

The trainer

Štefan Šimkulič- has been practising boxing for 10 years, did wrestling for 5 years, is an owner of the license for judges of organisation AIBA.