Titan Gym
Dohodni si skúšobný tréning zadarmo!
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym

Training for kids

Treningy pre deti

  • We adjusted the training of fighting sports for children.
  • We focus on coordination, which is the most important attribute to their development in early age (rolls, head stands, hand stands, jumps...).
  • Beside this, children are being taught basic movements and techniques of a specific fighting sport.
  • We realize that it is important to train children in a way they enjoy it and have fun and not only train them through the repetition of monotonous drills. We use different games to keep children's attention during the training.

1+1 for free, 2+2 for free

  • Do you have a child and are you looking for somebody who can fully focus on development of his coordination? Moreover, train him step by step the basics of boxing, thaiboxing or mma? Besides this, you want to train with him and get rid of stress? In our sports club you pay just for his training and you train for free (or 2 chlidren and 2 parents for free).

Group training

  • Group trainings are wednesdays and fridays from 15.30 till 16.30.

General information

  • Training takes place at Mlynská dolina, Atriové domky, blok E, where we have our own gym with professional equipment. You can view our gym if you wish to rent it at renting our gym.
  • The minimum required age is 5 years.
  • Each training session lasts one hour and fifteen minutes.
  • Membership fees

    • Group trainings: 50€/per month.
    • 1 adult + 1 child: 30€/per training.
    • 2 adults + 2 children: 20€+20€/per training.

Kontakt: 0907 650 869 info@titangym.sk Átriové domky blok E, Vysokoškolské mesto Ľudovíta Štúra, Staré Grunty, Bratislava