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  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym


Thajský box v Titangym

  • Thai boxing (Muay Thai) is a fighting sport from Thailand. First documents about this fighting style are from the 13 century.
  • Originally, fighters fought without boxing gloves or other protection equipment. Fighters were wrapping their fists with ropes, they did not fight in a ring, there was no referee and the fight lasted until one fighter was the undisputed winner.
  • Popularity of these fights lasted several centuries. Step by step, the rules were introduced and finally in 1921 thai boxing became a sport. Fights started to take place in a ring, there started to be referees during the fight, allowed and disallowed techniques were set in place and fighters started to use boxing gloves and other protection equipment.
  • In thai boxing you have to fight standing up, and ground fighting is forbidden. Thai is known as an art of eight limbs, because during a fight you can use fists, elbows, legs and knees. Besides these wide range of techniques, you can fight in a specific "Thai clinch". In a "Thai clinch" fighters stand close to each other. This is a very technical way of fighting based on strength, technical skills and coordination.
  • In recent years, Muay Thai has become very popular in the world and in Slovakia. More and more people want to train and experience this sport. Many famous people start training Muay Thai (for example: Scarlett Johansson and Mario Bello) and there are also many other men and women from high society training in this sport.


  • Mgr. Marek Biskup - a licensed trainer of Czech Muay Thai asociation, has been already training people for 8 years, besides has also experiences with another sports such as boxing, MMA, jiu-jitsu, wing-tsun, powerlifting.
  • Ing.arch. Karol Dudik - a trainer who has been already training people for 4 years, besides thaiboxing has also experiences with judo, gymnastics, boxing, mma.
  • Peter Petrík - 3.place in WAKO K-1 world championship, 3.place in WAKO K-1 european championship, slovak champion in K-1, 2.place in slovak thaiboxing league.

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