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  • Thajský box v Titangym


We have many satisfied clients, and their comments are important for our constant development. You can read their recommendations of our training and trainers in this section in the Slovak language.

Marek Biskup

a licensed trainer of Czech Muay Thai asociation, has been already training people for 8 years, besides has also experiences with another sports such as boxing, MMA, jiu-jitsu, wing-tsun, powerlifting.

Karol Dudik

a trainer who has been already training people for 4 years, besides thaiboxing has also experiences with judo, gymnastics, boxing, mma.

stefan simkulic
Štefan Šimkulič

has been practising boxing for 10 years, did wrestling for 5 years, is an owner of the license for judges of organisation AIBA.

peter krizanovic 2
Peter "Duran" Križanovič

he has been training wrestling for 13 years, has fought approximately 800 fights, most of them won, was a Slovak representative, Slovak champion in 2014, 2.place in World sport festival. He is training jiu-jitsu for 5 years, has fought approximately 100 fight, most of them won, is an owner of blue belt, won Pit bull west coast cup and Sai storm Martin. He is training MMA for 5 years and has many amateur fights and 7 professional fights.

Peter Petrík

3.place in WAKO K-1 world championship, 3.place in WAKO K-1 european championship, slovak champion in K-1, 2.place in slovak thaiboxing league.

Marek Medovarski

the winner of Slovak amateur MMA league, former member of Serbian national kickboxing team, multiple champion of Serbia in all kickboxing disciplines, vicechampion of Balkan in WAKO federation and a student of PE Faculty in Bratislava.

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