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Dohodni si skúšobný tréning zadarmo!
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  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym
  • Thajský box v Titangym

Fat-loss program

Chudnúci program v Titangym
  • Under our instruction, we guarantee results after the first month. After 3 months you will have visible results in your body size and shape and in your physical condition.


  • Training is the most important part of our program.
  • Regular training at our sports club regulates you body weight.
  • Our high intensity training increases your metabolic rate, resulting in fat loss.


  • Regular training includes dietary advice. Both these work together to reduce body weight.
  • Strict menus and “magic diets” don’t work. You eventually gain more weight than you lost, so we instruct you how and what to eat; and we tell you when it’s OK to eat “unhealthy” foods.
  • There is no universal menu which fits everyone. This includes personal likes and dis-likes. We have special diets for vegetarians and clients with allergies, and we adapt this program to almost each individual.

Motivation and supervision

  • Combined with our training and diet, your success is due to our weekly control of your progress and the individual motivation we give you.
  • To ensure your success, your guide checks your menu and progress every week and tells your next steps via mobile phone.


  • We can not guarantee complete success, if you have physical or psychological sickness and you take strong medication. These medications include heart, thyroid and anti-psychotic tablets, and sometimes also contraception pills.

Our offer

Diet program for the first month:

  • first we give you all the important information you need,
  • thai-boxing training twice a week plus functional fitness training once a week or thai-boxing training 3 times a week,
  • one time: introduction consultation (approximately 45 minutes),
  • three times: analyze of your menu,
  • three times: consultation via mobile phone (approximately 30 minutes),

Diet program for every other month:

  • 3 group training in a week in our sports club,
  • four times: analyze of your menu,
  • four times: consultation via mobile phone (approximately 30 minutes),

Our results

Matúš J., 21-year-old

128 kg: at the beginning
110 kg: after 3 months

Petra Š., 23-year-old

84 kg: at the beginning
78 kg: after 3 months

František M., 27-year-old

105,5 kg: at the beginning
98 kg: after 3 months

Marek P., 20-year-old

117 kg: at the beginning
104,5 kg: after 3 months

Trainees' contributions

  • 200€ per 4 weeks
  • Kontakt: 0907 650 869 info@titangym.sk Átriové domky blok E, Vysokoškolské mesto Ľudovíta Štúra, Staré Grunty, Bratislava